The #1 way to learn fractions,
integers and operators

Common core aligned!

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Explore at your own pace in our stress-free, beautiful world, and solve the puzzles your own way! Mathbreakers is Common Core aligned and teaches addition, fractions, operators, negatives, and number sense.

Enter a realm where math is your superpower!

Featured in Stanford Course: How to Learn Math

Math educators are excited about the teaching power of virtual worlds, which is why Dr. Jo Boaler is using Mathbreakers in her online course at Stanford. She has also joined on as an advisor for our development team!

Words from our users

"For 3 days he could not stop asking when he would get to play again. He said he got to design his own game [and] it was better than League of Legends! [...] He wants to show it to his friends."-Mom of 6th grader in pilot workshop
"My kids have been playing Mathbreakers non-stop... Who knew a kid would get up early to get their chores done to do more math?!?"-Cindy Handler, mother of 3
"Ew, what's that a math game? .. looks cool .. Can I play?"-Jose, age 9
"For weeks I tried to explain fractions to my 6-year-old. After playing your game he got it right away!" -Susan Prasher
"This game is not just an animated multiplication table. Math is inherent in the game; you get the numbers and you decide what to do with them."-Christine, CSL Associates President
"This game is epic!"-Eric, age 8