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where numbers come to life!

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Mathbreakers is a video game that teaches elementary math in a whole new way! Our toys and puzzles will capture your imagination in a world where you get to swing math by the tail.

We're working on multiplayer and a level editor, so everyone can create and share gadgets and monsters, and we need your support! Subscribe and share below.

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How does it work?

In Mathbreakers, you are immersed in a world where all interactions are based on math. You are introduced to a variety of challenges based on a few simple rules that increase in complexity as you play.

We've created a host of brand new ways to play with numbers. Our goal is to make learning math fun! The better you know the rules of the world and how to manipulate numbers, the more powerful you become.

Multiplayer & Level Editor

To unlock the potential for an endless world full of math adventure, we are developing an editor which allows you create and share your own levels, monsters, and gadgets with the world.

Multiplayer opens up a whole new dimension of math. Players can compete or work together to solve difficult puzzles. In arena mode, you must think on your feet while your opponents modify the numbers to their advantage! There is no limit (pun intended) to what can happen in a math battle.

A learning platform for everyone

Our vision is to broaden the rules of Mathbreakers to include Calculus, Set Theory, and indeed all of mathematics. This will be accomplished with a versatile editor that will allow you to embody these concepts with new gadgets, monsters and levels.

Even simple concepts like multiplication and fractions can be taught in very different ways, and with our editor you can devise a game mechanic or lesson plan that appeals to specific grade levels and learning styles.
"This should be our homework! This should be what we do in math class! There should be a trigonometry version, an algebra version.. and a Pi version!"

-7th graders in pilot workshops

"..it's important to collect the threads that come together in a new concept. This game is not just an animated multiplication table. Math is inherent in the game; you get the numbers and you decide what to do with them."

-Christine, CSL Associates President

"I am anxiously awaiting the game to use with my daughters and at school with my 110 students."

-Eric, 6th grade math teacher

"For 3 days he could not stop asking when he would get to play again. He said he got to design his own game [and] it was better than League of Legends! [...] He wants to show it to his friends." -Mom of 6th grader in pilot workshop
"Most math games try to disguise that you're learning math [...] this one intrigued me and I loved playing even though I knew I was learning math."

-8th grader from Hack the Future

"This game can do some serious math!"

-Oliver, age 10

"This game is epic!"

-Eric, age 8

"My kids have been playing Mathbreakers non-stop since we downloaded the demo. Who knew a kid would get up early to get their chores done to do more math?!?"

-Cindy Handler, mother of 3